Map of Holy Sews’ Partners

Since January 2018, Holy Sews currently serves and provides layettes to approximately 400 partners in all 50 states with handmade infant burial clothing for families that experience the loss of their baby during 16-25 weeks gestation.  Holy Sews’ partners include hospitals, bereavement programs, perinatal hospice organizations, other organizations that specialize in perinatal palliative care, doulas, individuals, and funeral homes. 

Holy Sews definitely counts its blessings!  Below is a map of how far and wide our partners span across the United States, every green map marker represents a unique location where layettes have been sent.  

If you do not see your green map marker listed and are interested in getting involved, have questions, or would like to have your hospital or funeral home served by Holy Sews, please contact us.  

Our map is continuously updated as we obtain the honor to serve new hospitals and organizations all around the United States.

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