Online Shopping Just Got Better…

Did you know there is an extremely easy way to give back to Holy Sews JUST by shopping online at Amazon?

Holy Sews is thrilled to partner with, or AmazonSmile, because every order you make…AmazonSmile will donate BACK to the organization of your choice!! So, here’s what you do – click on the link below and it will help you setup your “charity” of choice (of course, Holy Sews is your charity of choice) on AmazonSmile. Every order or purchase you make on Amazon, AmazonSmile will give back to us – Holy Sews!!! AWESOME!

So, go do it now…and remember Christmas is just a few short weeks away!! You can start ordering NOW for Christmas presents, birthday presents, and/or everyday items you always need, all the while, giving back to Holy Sews all in a few quick clicks of some buttons!

The link to AmazonSmile is below…donating to Holy Sews couldn’t be any easier!

AmazonSmile Help!!

Thank you,
Holy Sews, Inc.

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