Materials for Miles!

What we do at Holy Sews is no small operation…In 2017, Holy Sews provided 4,800 handmade layettes to hospitals and organizations all across the United States! 

Holy Sews would like to show you HOW much MATERIAL it takes to make 4,800 micro-preemie layettes…hold on to your seats and remember this is just one year’s worth of supplies…

Check out the picture on the right:  1,500 yards of fabric?  That means Holy Sews used fabric that would measure out to equal 15 football fields, and 3,900 yards of trim?  That means Holy Sews used trim that would stretch across 39 football fields!

All fabric, trim, buttons, etc., have been either donated to Holy Sews or have been purchased because of generous monetary donations from individuals, families, and corporations!  Every donation allows us to continue to provide handmade layettes at no cost to those in need.

At Holy Sews, April Showers is a month long event designated to give the opportunity for people to give back.  Donations replenish Holy Sews’ sewing material inventory, allows us to purchase our packaging, and pay for all shipping costs required for us to continue to adequately fill and supply the demand of layettes.

Whether you can donate monetarily or donate actual materials, we would appreciate and utilize either one or both!  Every bit helps Holy Sews provide these unique and handmade layettes to grieving families at no cost.

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