Testimony – Regina’s Story

The longest day of my life that lasted about a week. April 27, 2007. Kevin, Torrie and I had gone to our OB appointment to see an ultrasound of our baby and after a tense and quiet moment, I forced the news out of the tech, our baby boy had no heartbeat.  I understood at that moment what the phrase meant, My blood ran cold.  I felt it all over my body.  Then I went numb.

I’ve never been so numb in my whole life.

In fact, I built a bubble around me and I stayed in it.  It was a self defense mechanism, a coping strategy, a desperate attempt to hold on to sanity. I was admitted to the hospital the next morning and for two days I laid there, in my own little world, waiting for the pitosin to do its job. Protecting and distancing me with my bubble –in spite of the fact that family, friends and nurses were coming and going as if nothing was wrong.