2017 End of the Year Giving

Please consider Holy Sews when choosing which charities and/or organizations you and your family plan to give to at the end of 2017!  No gift is too small or too large and all monetary gifts are tax deductible. Your gift will help Holy Sews secure materials for volunteers to hand make the tiniest and most beautiful layettes for families experiencing the early loss of their little angels.

In the spirit of giving, please consider a year end gift to Holy Sews this year.  Thank you in advance for your consideration AND your gifts.  You may give via mail or online.  To give your end of the year gift by mail, please mail to Holy Sews Inc., P.O. Box 251506, Little Rock, AR 72225, or you may donate online by clicking on the following link:  Holy Sews’ Giving

Our mission at Holy Sews, Inc. is to:
1.  Respond to a call to serve as God’s hands in the world;
2.  To show compassion to families experiencing the perinatal death of a child;
3.  To provide handmade layettes to treasure these infants who are too small for even preemie clothing;
4.  To educate communities in caring for families experiencing perinatal bereavement.